Spectrum Partnership


Program Description

In collaboration with Spectrum Youth and Family Services, this program provides work readiness and academic support for students in Burlington and Winooski who might have some sort of barrier in achieving success on their own. The Student Outreach Specialist may help a student with job searches, filling out applications, interviewing skills, pre-employment skills, and job placement, and follow-up support.

Offering academic support in partnership with Spectrum’s Downtown Education Project is the second aspect of this program. The Student Outreach Specialist helps students work towards getting their high school diploma or their GED, providing academic tutoring and creative credit-earning opportunities in a one-on-one setting more conducive to the student’s learning needs.

Why is it Important?

Finding a job can be quite intimidating for students who have never done so before, and who may lack the support or skills needed to do so on their own. Working with students to develop the necessary skills to get a job will significantly increase the possibility of them finding employment, and will also provide them with the confidence and knowledge to enhance job performance.

For some students, taking classes in a mainstream high school is not suitable for their situation. Because of our commitment to education, it is important to provide the opportunity to learn in an environment that is comfortable and supportive for these students, therefore increasing willingness to learn, love of learning, and motivation to achieve. Students who finish high school will have greater successes in their lives than students who do not.

Who Does it Benefit?

Students are provided with opportunities to explore their interests and gain new skills that will promote self-esteem, confidence, autonomy, responsibility, and personal growth. Whether it is successfully gaining employment or graduating high school, students will continue to build upon their skills and prepare for a lifetime of success.

Employers are provided with a higher quality pool of applicants. They will hire employees who are more likely to have the skills an employer wants, and who are able to sustain employment.

For More Information

Please email Glenn Patterson, Student Outreach Specialist at [email protected] or call (802) 540-0952.

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